Cement Kilns

Red Lion


  • Grid reference: TQ632744
  • x=563200
  • y=174400
  • 51°26'42"N; 0°20'55"E
  • Civil Parish: Northfleet, Kent

Clinker manufacture operational: 1896-1909, 1920-1922

Approximate total clinker production: 530,000 tonnes

Raw materials:


  • 1896-1905 Alfred Tolhurst
  • 1905-1908 Tolhurst and Sons Ltd
  • 1908-1922 APCM (Blue Circle)

Also known as Tolhurst’s Works: it was named after the local pub. There were initially 14 chamber kilns (output 406 t/week) expanded to 19 around 1901 and to 38 (output 1100 t/week) in 1907. In 1909, Edgar Allen quoted Tolhurst for a 233’×10’ rotary kiln, but this may have been for Aberthaw. After 1909 the plant was amalgamated with the Imperial plant. The rating in 1920 was 1000 t/week. There was no rail link, and all product was despatched by barge. After closure, the site remained derelict for many years before absorption into the Northfleet power station, now also cleared.

No rotary kilns were installed.

Sources: Eve, p 19: Francis, pp 167, 263: Jackson, pp 293, 300

© Dylan Moore 2011: last edit 26/11/2014.

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Approximate capacity: tonnes per year
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