A collection of old writings

1796: Parker's Patent

1797: Northfleet in the time of James Parker

1822: Frost's Patent

1824: Aspdin's Patent

1877: Henry Reid on Rugby

1880: I C Johnson's experiments on Portland Cement

1882: The Folkestone Cement Company

1887: Rotary kiln at Gibbs Works, West Thurrock

1889: Cement Manufacture at the North-east Ports

1891: Stokes' Kiln in The Engineer

1897: Lewis on Grays and Cliffe

1900: Prospectus of APCM

1900: The First British Rotary Kiln

1903: Cement Manufacture in Ireland

1904: Joseph Aspdin's Memorial

1907: John Hudson Earle on Otto Kramer Trechmann

1907: Macrosty on APCM

1909: John Hudson Earle on Harold Anderson

1909: Early 20th century capacity data

1919: Biography of Carl Otto Trechmann

1925: The First Planetary Cooler

1968: Anhydrite Process Kiln Downtime Analysis

Many documents that are specific to individual plants have been incorporated into the relevant plant pages.