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  • Grid reference: TQ63047436
  • x=563040
  • y=174360
  • 51°26'41"N; 0°20'46"E
  • Civil Parish: Northfleet, Kent

Clinker manufacture operational: 1898-1914, 1920-1922

Approximate total clinker production: 560,000 tonnes

Raw materials:


  • 1898-1900 Imperial Portland Cement Co. Ltd
  • 1900-1912 APCM (Blue Circle)
  • 1912-1922 BPCM (Blue Circle)

There were initially nine chamber kilns, output 225 t/week. A further ten (250 t/week) were installed in 1900 and sixteen more in 1902 (465 t/week). There was no rail link, and all product was despatched by barge. The plant's operations were amalgamated with those of Red Lion from 1912, and re-assigned to BPCM. The kilns were demolished in 1923-1924, and the site remained derelict for many years before absorption into the Northfleet power station, now also cleared.

No rotary kilns were installed.

Sources: Eve, p 18: Francis, pp 167, 263: Jackson, p 282

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