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The British Portland Cement Manufacturers Ltd (BPCM) was formed in 1911 as a subsidiary of APCM, the combined companies becoming known as the Blue Circle Group.

The company was set up as a second combine, the objective again being "a complete amalgamation of the cement trade". This brought together most of the companies that escaped the APCM merger, as well as several significant new entrants. It was at this point that the incipient Blue Circle group began to function effectively as the industry leader.

The following table shows the makeup of BPCM in 1911.

Artillery & Albion Cement Co. Ltd.Albion
Barrons Cement Co. Ltd.Falcon
Beddington Cement WorksBeddington
Bridgwater Portland Cement Co. Ltd.Bridgwater
Caledonian Cement Co. Ltd.Cousland
J. Cameron Swan & Partners Ltd.Jarrow
Coles Shadbolt & Co. Ltd.Harefield
Dartford Cement Works Ltd.Dartford
Denbighshire Portland Cement Co. Ltd.Afonwen
Dorset Portland Cement Co. Ltd.Wareham
G. & T. Earle Ltd.Wilmington
B. J. Forder & Son Ltd.Sundon
Investors Freehold & Leasehold Co. Ltd.
I. C. Johnson & Co. Ltd.Gateshead
William Lee, Son & Co. Ltd.Lee's
Magheramorne Lime Co.Magheramorne
Martin Earle & Co. Ltd.Martin Earles
New Globe Cement, Chalk & Whiting Co. Ltd.
Norman Portland Cement Co. Ltd.Norman
Peters BrothersPeters
Premier Portland Cement Co. Ltd.Premier
Queenborough Cement Co. Ltd.Queenborough
Robson's Cement Co. Ltd.Stoneferry
Saxon Portland Cement Co. Ltd.Saxon
Severn Portland Cement Co. Ltd.Mitcheldean
Sharps Green Portland Cement Works Ltd.Sharp's Green
Skelsey's Adamant Cement Co. Ltd.Barton
South Wales Portland Cement & Lime Co. Ltd.Penarth
Standard Cement Co. Ltd.Standard
Sussex Portland Cement Co. Ltd.Newhaven
Trechmann Weekes & Co. Ltd.Weekes
West Kent Portland Cement Co. Ltd.West Kent
Wouldham Cement Co. (1900) Ltd.Wouldham

Although separate accounts were drawn up and separate board meetings held as long as BPCM existed, the plants of APCM and BPCM were operated as a single organisation from the 1920s onward, and not distinguished in any way. Whereas only three of the APCM plants (Bevans, Crown & Quarry and Swanscombe) survived into the second half of the twentieth century, nine of the original BPCM plants survived, reflecting their generally better technical quality. The last of these was Shoreham, which shut in 1991. The G&T Earles organisation, as part of BPCM, acquired the Humber plant, and constructed the still-existing Hope and Cauldon plants which were initially part of BCPM.

BPCM was finally merged with APCM in 1965.

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