Sharp's Green


  • Grid reference: TQ81156888
  • x=581150
  • y=168880
  • 51°23'24"N; 0°36'13"E
  • Civil Parish: Gillingham, Kent

Clinker manufacture operational: 1902-02/1913

Approximate total clinker production: 88,000 tonnes

Raw materials:


Sometimes called Horrid Hill. The only rationale for the construction of this bizarrely-sited plant was its good barge quay. The quarry opened in 1902 and it is said that the quarry also supplied Queenborough. The plant had a block of seven chamber kilns throughout. Jackson says it had four bottle kilns but this is clearly wrong. Davis’ 1907 capacity was 200 t/week , and this was also the capacity at the time of closure. Apart from the tramway that brought chalk along the causeway from the chalk quarry, water transport was the plant’s only link with the outside world. The site was abandoned and is now part of the Riverside country park, which preserves the much-overgrown ruins. The quarry is being landfilled.

No rotary kilns were installed.

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