• Grid reference:
    • ITM 627902,821602
    • old style H2798421615
  • 54°8'34"N; 7°34'17"W
  • Townland: Gortmullan, Derrylin, County Fermanagh

Clinker manufacture operational: 1989 to ?

Approximate total clinker production to 2009: 4.4 million tonnes

Raw materials from the same quarries as used by Ballyconnell at 627200, 821300, Mucklagh townland, County Cavan, only 0.75 km from the plant:

Ownership: Quinn Group. Quinn Group was reconstituted as the Aventas Group in November 2013, and was acquired by Quinn Industrial Holdings Ltd in December 2014.

The plant clings close to the border with the Republic, and was conceived as a trans-border operation, sourcing its raw materials from the south, and probably having its main market there. It was supplemented by the Ballyconnell plant. An asphalt plant operates at the site. Regarding transport, see Ballyconnell.

Please contact me with any relevant information or corrections. I am particularly interested in firmer dates and statistics.

Note: technical information on currently operational plants is ✄withheld in the public version of the site at present.


FCB: details✄

One rotary kiln was installed:

Kiln A1

Supplier: FCB
Operated: 1989 to ?
Process: air-through precalciner: details✄
Location: hot end (cooler ports) 627892,821634: cold end 627912,821569: unenclosed
Dimensions: ✄
Rotation (viewed from firing end): clockwise
Slope: ?
Speed: ?
Drive: ?
Kiln profile: ✄
Cooler: planetary: details✄
Fuel: ✄
Coal mill: FCB: details✄
Exhaust: ✄
Typical Output: ✄
Typical Heat Consumption: ✄

Sources: Jackson, pp 222, 277: Global Cement Report 2005, p 165: Quinn Building Products website