Cement Kilns



  • Grid reference:
    • ITM 627533,820345
    • old style H2761520359
  • 54°7'53"N; 7°34'38"W
  • Townland: Gortawee, Ballyconnell, County Cavan

Clinker manufacture operational: 4/2000 to date

Approximate clinker production to 2015: 13.7 million tonnes (32nd)

Raw materials: Carboniferous Limestone (Dartry Limestone Formation: 338-345 Ma) and shale (Meenymore Formation: 329-336 Ma) from the same quarries as used by Derrylin at 627200, 821300, Mucklagh townland, County Cavan, only 0.75 km from the plant.

Ownership: Quinn Group. Quinn Group was reconstituted as the Aventas Group in November 2013, and was acquired by Quinn Industrial Holdings Ltd in December 2014.

Also called Scotchtown works. Supplementing Derrylin, it was built just south of the border on the opposite side of the quarry, and only 1.3 km from the older plant. The Ballyconnell and Derrylin plants are exceptionally remote . Ballyconnell was served by a railway as recently as 1959, but now the only way out of the area is through minor country roads.

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2900 kW FLS ATOX 45 vertical roller mill heated by kiln exhaust gas(1)

One rotary kiln was installed:

Kiln A1

Supplier: FLS
Operated: 27/2/2000 to date
Process: 5-stage suspension preheater with air-separate precalciner(1)

  • hot end: ITM 627528,820319 {old style 227610,320333}
  • cold end: ITM 627539,820372 {old style 227621,320386}: the kiln is unenclosed.

Dimensions: Metric 54.00×4.550(1)
Rotation (viewed from firing end): anti-clockwise
Slope: 3.5% (2.006°)
Speed: ?
Drive: hydraulic drive via cold end roller(1)
Kiln profile: ✄: two tyres
Cooler: FLS Coolax CFG direct-aerated grate(1)
Fuel: ✄
Coal mill: indirect: 335 kW FLS ATOX 20.0 vertical roller mill(1)
Exhaust: via rawmill and electrostatic precipitator to stack(1).
Typical Output: ✄
Typical Heat Consumption: ✄


  • (1) IEEE 2003

Sources: Quinn Cement - A Modern Cement Plant in Ireland, IEEE-IAS/PCA Cement Industry Technical Conference 2003, Conference Record pp 175-181: Quinn Building Products website

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Ballyconnell cement layout map

Approximate capacity: tonnes per year: ✄

Ballyconnell cement kiln
Picture: ©2010 Deadstar, and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence. This shows the kiln section from the hillside to the northwest. Partially showing on the far right is the circular raw material pre-homogenisation store. An inclined conveyor feeds raw material to the ATOX rawmill in the green-clad building to the left. The tall cylindrical structure behind the rawmill, with a dog-leg duct on top, is the conditioning tower used to cool the kiln exhaust gases when the rawmill is not running. Immediately to the right of the rawmill is the kiln feed blending and storage silo, and behind that the 5-stage preheater tower. The two-support rotary kiln is in the centre. Just to the right of this is the fuel mill building. A duct brings hot, low-oxygen, high-CO2 gases from the preheater to act as an inert medium in which to dry and grind the fuel. The cooler is obscured behind the fuel mill building, but the sloping tertiary air duct can be seen above the kiln. Behind the fuel mill is the conical clinker store. Behind that, to the right is the rectangular finish mill building, and cement silos to the left.