McEvoy & Holt's Swanscombe Britannia Brand cement logo McEvoy & Holt's Britannia Brand.


  • Grid reference: TQ61217501
  • x=561210
  • y=175010
  • 51°27'4"N; 0°19'13"E
  • Civil Parish: Swanscombe, Kent

Clinker manufacture operational: 1880-1902

Approximate total clinker production: 290,000 tonnes

Raw materials:


Also known as McEvoy & Holt’s. This seems to have had 16 chamber kilns throughout (output 400 t/week). The company made itself unpopular among British manufacturers by openly admitting the practice, almost universal in the 1890s, of adulterating cement, and the plant was promptly closed after the APCM takeover. There was no rail link, all product being despatched by barge from Tower pier. Completely re-developed, it is now a light industrial site.

No rotary kilns were installed.

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