• Grid reference: ST6073738722
  • x=360737
  • y=138722
  • 51°8'47"N; 2°33'40"W
  • Civil Parish: Pylle, Somerset

Clinker manufacture operational: 1900-1912

Approximate total clinker production: 19,000 tonnes

Raw materials: Blue Lias Limestone (Blue Lias Formation: 190-200 Ma) surrounding the kilns

Ownership: Farrance and Boynton

There were three bottle kilns, of which perhaps two (dry process) were for cement. Davis rates output at 50 t/week. The plant had been in existence since about 1880 and was generally described as producing “Blue Lias Lime and Selenitic Cement”, but in Kelly’s Directory of 1902, it also claims Portland cement. No such claim was made in the editions of 1897 or 1914. There must be some doubt as to whether real Portland cement was made at all. The plant was on the Burnham and Evercreech branch of the Someset and Dorset Joint Railway. The site is now agricultural land with a pond in the deepest part of the quarry.

No rotary kilns were installed.

Sources: Only attested by Davis in his map and capacity list, and the directories