East Anglian

East Anglian Logo Anglian Bond Brand. The real colour scheme is unknown. If you know the correct colours, please contact me


  • Grid reference: TL39624836
  • x=539620
  • y=248360
  • 52°6'57"N; 0°2'21"E
  • Civil Parish: Shepreth, Cambridgeshire

Clinker manufacture operational: 1892-1934

Approximate total clinker production: 390,000 tonnes

Raw materials: Chalk Marl (West Melbury Marly Chalk Formation: 97-100 Ma) from quarry at 539600,248400, and later Grey Chalk (Zig-zag Chalk Formation: 94-97 Ma) and Chalk Marl by tramway from pit at 540030,247740

Ownership: East Anglian Cement Co. Ltd

This had six chamber kilns, output 150 t/week, working a quarry originally opened for "coprolite". A Schneider kiln added in 1901 added a further 100 t/week (average), giving a total of 250 t/week in 1907 . The plant continued in this condition until price-cutting in the Depression forced it out of the cement market. Transport was via the Great Northern railway, on which it was situated. It continued in business making hydraulic lime. The plant site has been returned to agriculture. The quarry is flooded.

No rotary kilns were installed.

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