Cement Kilns

Down End


  • Grid reference: ST31354131
  • x=331350
  • y=141310
  • 51°10'1"N; 2°58'54"W
  • Civil Parish: Puriton, Somerset

Clinker manufacture operational: 1868-1892

Approximate total clinker production: 29,000 tonnes

Raw materials: Blue Lias Limestone (Blue Lias Formation: 190-200 Ma) from 331500,141300.

Ownership: John Browne and Co.

This plant pre-dates the timeframe of this work but is included because of its geographical relationship with Barhams. It had two dry process bottle kilns and made 50 t/week. As with other Bridgwater plants, its product may not have been strictly Portland cement at all. After closure, its quarry was taken over by Barhams. The plant probably used the River Parrett for most of its transportation. The site is largely covered now by Junction 23 of the M5.

No rotary kilns were installed.

Sources: Francis, p 179

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Approximate capacity: tonnes per year
Down End Capacity