Cement Kilns

Ernest Newell

Ernest Newell & Co was established in Misterton, Nottinghamshire by Ernest Newell (1868-24/6/1932) around 1900. It was an engineering company producing heavy equipment for the materials processing industries. It was the first British company to produce rotary kilns for the cement industry, to Mitcheldean and Jarrow in 1906. A few more of these small kilns were sold before they standardised on kilns around 200' long, producing around 7 t/hr.

It supplied several quite large multi-kiln projects before and immediately after WWI, to Aberthaw (3), British Standard (1), Burham (3), Cliffe (2), Ellesmere Port (3), and Johnsons (1). They subsequently continued in business producing the same range of plant, but the British cement industry bought no kilns from it after 1927 - Aberthaw, British Standard, Burham and Johnsons bought subsequent kilns from Vickers. It became Newell Dunford and was finally absorbed into JND. The Misterton Works was closed in 2002.

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