A list of British and Irish portland cement companies

This website in general is concerned with the physical and technical aspects of the cement industry. However, for reasons of historical structure, it seemed a good idea to list the organisations that owned the cement plants. The following is a list which, for the time being, does not pretend to be comprehensive, but will be gradually updated with new names, when time allows.

Please contact me with any relevant information, suggestions, additions and corrections.

company name dates
Aberthaw and Bristol Channel Portland Cement Company Ltd1912-1983
Aberthaw Lime and Cement Company Ltd1888-1900
Aberthaw Portland Cement Company Ltd1900-1916
Aberthaw and Rhoose Point Portland Cement and Lime Company1914-1919
John Adams and Company1881-1890
C J Adams1878-1880
Afonwen Portland Cement Company Ltd1898-1911
Aggregate Industries plc1997-
Albion Portland Cement Company Ltd1890-1903
Albright and Wilson Ltd1955-1976
Allied Cement Manufacturers Ltd1928-1931
Alpha Cement Ltd1933-1938
Amalgamated Limestone Corporation1954-1958
Amalgamated Roadstone Corporation1937-1938
Anglo American1992-2013
Arlesey Lime and Portland Cement Company Ltd1883-1900
Artillery and Albion Cement Company1903-1911
William Ashby and Son Ltd1870-1926
Joseph Aspdin and Son1838-1879
Aspdin and Company1856-1857
Aspdin and Son Ltd1879-1899
Aspdin, Ord and Company1852-1856
Associated Portland Cement Manufacturers Ltd1900-1978
Atlas Portland Cement Company1875-1877
Atlas Portland Cement Company Ltd1906-1908
William Baird & Company Ltd1924-1938
Baird’s & Scottish Steel Ltd1938-1946
Barnstone Blue Lias Lime Company1878-1896
Barnstone Blue Lias Lime and Cement Company Ltd1896-1914
Barnstone Cement Company Ltd1914-1942
F. C. Barron and Company Ltd1887-1900
Barrons Cement Company Ltd1900-1911
Albert Batchelor Ltd1912-1936
Beaver Cement Company Ltd1884-1887
Belfast Portland Cement Works Company1868-1881
Bell and Sons Ltd1906-1913
Blue Circle Industries plc1978-2001
John Board and Company1871-1941
Boorman, Wild and Company1855-1865
Booth and Company Ltd1866-1900
Borstal Manor Cement Company Ltd1891-1900
Bottisham Lode Mill Cement Company1896-1920
A. Boulton and Company1890-1910
Brading Cement Company1884-1915
William J Brand and Sons1859-1860
Bridgwater Portland Cement Company Ltd1898-1911
Britannia London Portland Cement Company Ltd1878-1885
British Patent Portland Cement Company Ltd1881-1896
British Portland Cement Manufacturers Ltd1911-1965
Brooks, Shoobridge and Company1871-1893
Martin Brown and Company1878-1885
O. A. Brown Ltd1906-1909
John Browne and Company1868-1892
Brunner, Mond and Company Ltd1911-1919
Burge and Company1853-1892
Burge and Barron1882-1887
Burham Brick, Lime and Cement Company Ltd1871-1900
C. Burley Ltd.1895-1925
Burstall and Company Ltd1899-1903
Buxton Lime Industries Ltd1992-2000
Caledonian Portland Cement Company Ltd1904-1911
Cam Blue Lias Lime and Cement Company Ltd1902-1926
Cam Portland Cement Company Ltd1890-1902
J. Cameron Swan and Partners Ltd1888-1911
Cardiff and Newport Portland Cement Company1894-1899
Casebourne and Company Ltd1882-1920
Casebourne and Company (1926) Ltd1926-1928
Casebourne and Lucas1866-1882
Casebourne’s Pioneer Cement Company Ltd1920-1926
Castle Cement Ltd1986-2009
Caustic Lime and Macadam Company Ltd1920-1923
Cement Ltd1936-1970
Cement Industries Ltd1932-1934
Cement Marketing Company Ltd1920-1978
Cement Roadstone Holdings1970-1973
Cement Roadstone Holdings plc1973-1987
Central Portland Cement Company1923-1927
Central Portland Cement Company Ltd1927-1936
Chance and Hunt Ltd1886-1917
Chinnor Cement and Lime Ltd1919-1963
Chinnor Industries1963-1979
Samuel & John Cleaver1825-1857
Cleaver & Mist's Cement Works Company Ltd.1883-1890
Cleaver & Watson1857-1883
Clitheroe Portland Cement Company1879-1921
Clyde Portland Cement Company Ltd
Cohn and Company1862-1875
Edward C. Colchester1895-1903
Coles, Shadbolt and Company1870-1873
Coles, Shadbolt and Company Ltd1880-1911
Coltness Iron Company Ltd1914-1959
Cooper and Company1881-1918
William Coultas1890-1895
CRH plc1987-
J. Crosfield and Son Ltd1907-1911
Thomas Cubitt and Company1854-1859
E. Robson Cummins1883-1885
Dartford Cement Works Ltd1891-1911
Deepfields Cement Company1869-1914
Denbighshire Portland Cement Company Ltd1911-1912
Dix, Green and Company1879-1906
Dorset Lime and Cement Company Ltd1874-1908
Dorset Portland Cement Company Ltd1908-1911
Dreadnought Investment Trust Ltd1928-1956
Dreadnought Portland Cement Company Ltd1914-1921
Dublin Portland Cement Company Ltd.1883-1894
Dunmore Ltd1898-1907
Dunstable Portland Cement Company Ltd1926-1927
G. and T. Earle Ltd1875-1967
East Anglian Cement Company Ltd1892-1934
Eastwoods Ltd1924-1962
Elliott and Brown1898-1915
John Ellis and Sons Ltd1869-1935
Empson, Holcombe and Company1876-1886
Farrance and Boynton1900-1912
B. J. Forder1898-1900
B. J. Forder and Son, Ltd1900-1911
Formby Brothers1862-1881
Formby’s Cement Works Company Ltd1881-1909
Francis and Company Ltd1867-1900
Charles Francis and Sons1852-1863
Charles Francis, Son and Company Ltd1863-1900
Thomas Freen and Company1853-1855
Williams Fry and Company Ltd1879-1890
Gibb, Johnson and Company1876-1888
Gibbs and Company Ltd1872-1900
Gillingham Portland Cement Company Ltd1874-1937
Glasgow Iron and Steel Company Ltd1912-1967
Globe Portland Cement and Whiting Company Ltd1880-1895
Glover & Batchelor1902-1906
E. J. and W. Goldsmith1912-1928
William Goreham1873-1880
J. C. Gostling and Company Ltd1868-1876
Greaves, Bull and KIrshaw1862-1870
Greaves, Bull and Lakin, Ltd.1870-1927
Greaves and Kirshaw1840-1862
W. Grimshaw and Sons1865-1911
Hall and Company (Croydon) Ltd1905-1912
Josiah Hall and Company1882-1897
Hanson Cement UK 2009-
E W Harding1875-1884
Hilton and Company1849-1864
Hilton, Anderson and Company1864-1893
Hilton, Anderson, Brooks and Company Ltd1893-1900
Holborough Cement Company Ltd1924-1927
Edwin Hollick1852-1866
Hollick and Company Ltd1866-1900
T. C. Hooman and Company Ltd1885-1890
Hooper and Ashby1869-1903
John Huggens1827-1865
Hull Portland Cement Company1889-1899
Humber Portland Cement Company Ltd1921-1923
Hylton Cement Company Ltd1898-1915
Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd1928-1992
Imperial Portland Cement Company Ltd1898-1900
Irish Cement Ltd1970-
Irish Portland Cement Company Ltd.1894-1904
Isis Portland Cement Company Ltd1894-1929
I. C. Johnson and Company1854-1856
I. C. Johnson and Company Ltd1856-1911
Johnson, Burge and Company1851-1853
Kaye & Company Ltd1875-1934
Kent Portland Cement Company Ltd1920-1922
Kent Portland Cement Works Ltd1919-1920
Ketton Portland Cement Company Ltd1928-1986
Knight, Bevan and Sturge1853-1900
Lafarge Cement plc2001-2012
Lafarge Tarmac plc2012-2015
Lagan Cement (Ireland) Ltd2001-
Lark, Fletcher and Company1858-1879
Lawrence and Wimble1879-1900
William Lee, Son and Company Ltd1900-1911
Lee, Son and Smith1854-1900
Lever Brothers Ltd.1919-1929
William Levett and Company1854-1892
William Levett and Company Ltd1892-1895
Lewes Portland Cement and Lime Company Ltd1906-1929
H. R. Lewis & Company1890-1897
Lion Cement Works Company1874-1880
London Portland Cement Company Ltd1876-1900
Lyme Regis Cement Company Ltd1899-1914
McEvoy and Holt1880-1900
McLean and Company Ltd1887-1895
McLean Levett and Company Ltd1895-1900
Magheramorne Lime Company1824-1911
Marchon Products Ltd1954-1955
T & R Marshall1875-1878
Martin, Earle and Company Ltd1895-1911
George Mason and Company1873-1948
Matteson and Chapman1874-1909
Maude, Jones and Aspdin1846-1847
J. M. Maude, Son & Company1842-1846
Medway Portland Cement Company Ltd1885-1891
Meldreth Portland Cement & Brick Company Ltd1898-1908
Mersey Portland Cement Company1867-1875
Metropolitan Cement Company Ltd1935-1936
W. Ll. Morcom1886-1892
Natural Portland Cement Company Ltd1887-1891
Charles Nelson and Company Ltd1872-1945
New Barrington Cement Company1894-1898
New Rainham Portland Cement Company Ltd1892-1900
Newbold Lime & Cement Company Ltd1877-1889
Norman Portland Cement Company Ltd1904-1911
Original Cement Company1888-1892
Oxford and Shipton Cement Company Ltd1929-1934
Oxford Portland Cement Company Ltd1907-1929
Parker and Wyatt1798-1846
J. Pattrick and Sons Ltd1867-1906
S. Pearson & Son Ltd1898-1900
Peters Brothers1870-1911
Peverall and Harwood1867-1898
Phoenix Portland Cement Company Ltd1868-1900
Addison Potter & Son1870-1912
Premier Portland Cement Company Ltd1907-1911
Edward Prime1884-1887
Queenborough Cement Company Ltd1897-1911
Rainham Portland Cement Company Ltd1884-1892
Reliance Portland Cement Works Ltd1890-1895
Rhee Valley Portland Cement Company Ltd1888-1910
Ribblesdale Cement Ltd1935-1986
A. and W. T. Richardson and Company1870-1906
Rio Tinto Zinc1962-1997
RMC Group plc1982-2005
Robertson and Raymond Ltd1863-1880
A. D. Robertson and Sons Ltd1880-1898
Robins and Company Ltd1851-1900
Robins, Aspdin and Company1848-1851
Robson’s Cement Company Ltd1903-1911
Rock Cement Company1881-1884
Romsey Town Cement and Lime Company (Clement Hobson)1892-1915
Rosher's Crown Quay Company1880-1899
Rosher and East1890-1903
Royston Cement Company Ltd1898-1909
Rugby Blue Lias Lime and Cement Company Ltd1870-1871
Rugby and Newbold Cement Company Ltd1889-1898
Rugby Portland Cement Company Ltd1872-2000
Saxon Portland Cement Company Ltd1900-1911
Walter Scott Ltd1870-1915
Severn Portland Cement Co Ltd1909-1911
Sharps Green Cement Works Ltd1902-1911
Frederick Shaw and Company1870-1895
Samuel Sheppard1816-1849
Seacombe Portland Cement Company1875-1878
Ship Canal Portland Cement Manufacturers Ltd1912-1926
Shoreham Portland Cement Company Ltd.1883-1890
Skelsey and Company1885-1890
Skelsey’s Adamant Cement Company Ltd1890-1897
George Smeed and Company1858-1865
Smeed, Dean and Company Ltd1876-1926
South Wales Portland Cement and Lime Company Ltd1892-1911
Standard Cement Company Ltd1908-1912
Standard Portland Cement Works1891-1894
Stanlow Works Estate Ltd1911-1912
Robert Stephenson and Son1892-1932
Sussex Portland Cement Company Ltd1884-1911
Tarmac plc2000-2013
Thames Portland Cement Company1912-1934
William Tingey and Son1868-1900
Alfred Tolhurst1896-1905
Tolhurst and Sons Ltd1905-1912
Tower Portland Cement Company Ltd1881-1900
Otto Trechmann Ltd1865-1919
Trechmann, Weekes and Company Ltd1892-1911
Tunnel Cement Ltd1968-1982
Tunnel Portland Cement Company Ltd1874-1968
Union Cement Company Ltd1871-1911
Union Cement and Brick Company Ltd1866-1872
United Portland Cement Company, Ltd1884-1890
United Sulfuric Acid Corporation1955-1973
Wallsend Cement Company1870-1895
Thomas W Ward Ltd1877-1992
Warren Cement Works Ltd1919-1939
Wear Portland Cement Company1890-1909
Wearmouth Cement Company1880-1890
Webster and Company1859-1871
T. and W. Weekes and Company1875-1892
West Kent Gault Brick and Cement Company Ltd1877-1885
West Kent Portland Cement Company Ltd1885-1905
West of England Portland Cement and Lime Company Ltd1885-1934
Weston and Company1874-1900
John Bazley White and Brothers1837-1883
John Bazley White and Brothers Ltd1883-1900
Widnes Alkali Company Ltd1885-1891
Wiggins and Company (Hammersmith) Ltd1910-1927
T. M. Wild and Company1865-1875
Wilderness Portland Cement Company1885-1906
Wilders and Cary1880-1900
Wilkinson and Leng Ltd1900-1906
Windmill Cement Company1869-1914
Winkfield Bell and Company1820-1866
Wouldham Cement Company (1900) Ltd1900-1911
Wouldham Cement Works Ltd1880-1900
Wouldham Patent Portland Cement Company1855-1859