Wilkinson & Leng


  • Grid reference: ST3007137177
  • x=330071
  • y=137177
  • 51°7'46"N; 3°00'2"W
  • Civil Parish: Bridgwater Within, Somerset

Clinker manufacture operational: 1900-1906

Approximate total clinker production: 12,000 tonnes

Raw materials: Blue Lias Limestone (Blue Lias Formation: 190-200 Ma) from ?


  • 1900-1906 Wilkinson and Leng Ltd
  • 1906 Bridgwater Portland Cement Co. Ltd

Whether this builders’ merchant made Portland cement is very questionable: it is attested only by Francis. There might have been two dry process bottle kilns to make the declared output of 60 t/week. Maps and aerial photography show nothing like that at the assumed location.

Please contact me with any relevant information or corrections.

No rotary kilns were installed.

Sources: Francis, p 179