Cement Kilns



  • Grid reference: NZ30876612
  • x=430870
  • y=566120
  • 54°59'19"N; 1°31'3"WE
  • Civil Parish: Wallsend, Northumberland

Clinker manufacture operational: ?1870-?1895

Approximate total clinker production: 103,000 tonnes

Raw materials:

Ownership: Wallsend Cement Co.

The plant was set up on the site of a disused ironworks on the Tyne foreshore. It had five wet process bottle kilns (130 t/week) and was operational in 1890, but was disused in 1898, so it probably closed around 1895, perhaps because of loss of its clay supply. The plant’s transport was entirely by water. After brief redevelopment the site remained vacant for many years, but now has some warehousing.

No rotary kilns were installed.

Sources: Mentioned (but not explicitly) by Francis, p 227: information (such as it is) is from OS maps and from Ward’s Directory of Newcastle-on-Tyne, 1890 and 1898.

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