Cement Kilns



  • Grid reference: TQ96266460
  • x=596260
  • y=164600
  • 51°20'48"N; 0°49'6"E
  • Civil Parish: Teynham, Kent

Clinker manufacture operational: 1870-3/1906

Approximate total clinker production: 78,000 tonnes

Raw materials:

Ownership: A. and W. T. Richardson and Co.

Sometimes called Conyer or Richardson’s Works. Primarily a Roman Cement plant, in its life it grew from one to six bottle kilns of which perhaps four (say 100 t/week) made Portland cement: Davis gave it a zero capacity in 1907 . The plant had no rail link, using water transport almost exclusively. The site was redeveloped shortly after closure, and is now covered by housing. The quarry is returned to agriculture.

No rotary kilns were installed.

Sources: Eve, p 29

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Approximate capacity: tonnes per year
Teynham Capacity