Saffron Walden


  • Grid reference: TL54933746
  • x=554930
  • y=237460
  • 52°0'50"N; 0°15'28"E
  • Civil Parish: Saffron Walden, Essex

Clinker manufacture operational: 1879-1917

Approximate total clinker production: 115,000 tonnes

Raw materials:

  • Upper Chalk (Seaford Chalk Formation: 85-88 Ma) from quarry at 555100,237300
  • Boulder Clay from pit at 555800,237800


  • 1879-1906 Dix, Green and Co.
  • 1906-1913 Bell and Sons Ltd

This had five wet process bottle kilns. At some time, the kilns were converted to chamber format. Davis put the 1907 output at 120 t/week. It had no entry in 1914 directories, but ICMA data suggests it continued in a small way through WWI and despatched its last cement in 1918. The plant may have continued for a while after the war making lime, under the ownership of E. Rooke & Sons. The plant had no rail link: Saffron Walden station and freight depot was about a mile away. The site is now an industrial park.

No rotary kilns were installed.

Sources: Francis, p 206: Victoria County History of Essex, Vol 2, p 493