Cement Kilns



  • Grid reference: TL38244935
  • x=538240
  • y=249350
  • 52°7'31"N; 0°1'10"E
  • Civil Parish: Barrington, Cambridgeshire

Clinker manufacture operational: 1892-1904

Approximate total clinker production: 38,000 tonnes

Raw materials: Chalk Marl (West Melbury Marly Chalk Formation: 97-100 Ma) from pit at 538200,249400

Ownership: Royston Cement Co.

There were initially two small bottle kilns burning ground and briquetted mix: output 25 t/week. Three further kilns were added in 1894, three more in 1896, and four more in 1899, bringing output to 150 t/week. The site seems to have been absorbed by the adjacent Standard company after closure: it was subsequently returned to agriculture. The quarries are flooded.

No rotary kilns were installed.

Sources: Francis, pp 208-209: Jackson, p 296

© Dylan Moore 2011: last edit 26/11/2014.

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Approximate capacity: tonnes per year
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