Llandaff Yard


  • Grid reference: ST14517940
  • x=314510
  • y=179400
  • 51°30'25"N; 3°13'54"W
  • Civil Parish:Llandaff, Glamorgan

Clinker manufacture operational: 1894-1899

Approximate total clinker production: 12,000 tonnes

Raw materials: ? The site is in the valley bottom and there are no obvious raw materials in the immediate vicinity. Argillaceous Carboniferous Limestone from Garth Mountain might have been used, and there was Blue Lias to the west of Llandaff.

Ownership: Cardiff and Newport Portland Cement Co.

The map shows it as a cement and lime works with six kilns, of which perhaps three (if any) made clinker. Output 75 t/week. The plant was on the Glamorgan Canal, and the Llandaff station on the Taff Vale railway was 0.7 km away. The plant was disused by 1901. The site is now under a car park – nothing remains.

No rotary kilns were installed.

Sources: Francis, p 217