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  • Grid reference:
    • ITM 656953,742734
    • old style N5704142731
  • 53°25'54"N; 7°8'29"W
  • Townland: Killaskillen, County Meath

Clinker manufacture operational: 10/2002 to date

Approximate total clinker production to 2009: 2.7 million tonnes

Raw materials:

  • Carboniferous Limestone (Waulsortian: Feltrim Limestone Formation: 339-343 Ma), high grade from quarry at 657500,742800 {257562,242775}
  • Carboniferous Shale (Tobercailin Shale: 339 Ma) and interbedded shale and limestone (Calp: Lucan Formation: 335-339 Ma) from 656400,743000 {256462,242975}

Ownership: Lagan Cement (Ireland) Ltd

Also called Killaskillen Plant and Landsdown Works: Kinnegad village is in County Westmeath. Lagan Cement had existed previously as a cement importer in Northern Ireland. It commenced production in its own right in 2002. The original stated intention was that the plant would make white cement. Later it was suggested that it would make 150,000 tpa white and 300,000 tpa grey. The area was previously worked for lime. The plant has a 60 km communication with Dublin by the M4 motorway, and no rail.

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Loesche 38.3 roller mill(1)

One rotary kiln was installed:

Kiln A1

Supplier: Babcock-BSH
Operated: 10/2002 to date
Process: air-separate precalciner: details ✄
Location: hot end 656949,742753: cold end 656957,742714: unenclosed
Dimensions: ✄
Rotation (viewed from firing end): anti-clockwise
Slope: ?
Speed: ?
Drive: ?
Kiln profile: ✄
Cooler: grate: details ✄
Fuel: ✄
Coal mill: ✄
Exhaust: ✄
Typical Output: ✄
Typical Heat Consumption: ✄


  • (1) Loesche Reference List

Sources: Lagan website

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