Cement Kilns

Globe (Greenhithe)


  • Grid reference: TQ58567520
  • x=558560
  • y=175200
  • 51°27'13"N; 0°'16"56E
  • Civil Parish: Swanscombe, Kent

Clinker manufacture operational: ?

Approximate total clinker production: nil?

Raw materials: there were large whiting quarries at 558850,174650


  • 1869-1889 J. C. Gostling and Co.
  • 1889-1899 Globe Portland Cement and Whiting Co. Ltd
  • 1899-1911 New Globe Cement, Chalk and Whiting Co. Ltd
  • 1911 BPCM (Blue Circle)

The company called itself a cement manufacturer because it originally possessed the Globe Works, Frindsbury. At TQ588747 there were whiting works. There were slurry backs, but these were also used in whiting manufacture. Eve mentions a building on Town Wharf, Greenhithe at the location given as “the works itself”, but there is no indication that this is anything other than a warehouse for shipment of the whiting products. It clearly could not have used the distant slurry backs. There is therefore no good reason to suppose that this site ever made cement, or was anything other than a whiting and chalk ballast plant. It certainly supplied chalk to Wilmington. However, since it is listed by three sources, it might be imagined that a bottle kiln (30 t/week) existed at the wharf. If so, it had ceased to operate before 1907, and Davis’ list of that year does not include it. It was acquired by BPCM for the sake of its whiting capacity and chalk reserves. All the sites have been redeveloped: the quarry is a park.

No rotary kilns were installed.

Sources: Eve, p 302: Francis, p 302: Jackson, p 302: Preston, p 302

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