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  • Grid reference: TQ74806930
  • x=574800
  • y=169300
  • 51°23'45"N; 0°30'46"E
  • Civil Parish: Frindsbury Extra, Kent

Clinker manufacture operational: 1880-1901

Approximate total clinker production: 171,000 tonnes

Raw materials:


See also a general history of the Frindsbury cement plants. The whiting part of the operation was at Greenhithe. The initial installation had six small chamber kilns, later (1888) extended to eleven, and a further six were added around 1897: total capacity 386 t/week. The plant was operated in concert with the Bridge plant from 1895. The plant was shut down soon after the APCM takeover. The site was absorbed into the Crown and Quarry site and remained derelict until sold for redevelopment after WWII. It is now under light industry.

No rotary kilns were installed.

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