Falcon Logo Post-1911 BPCM Falcon Brand.


  • Grid reference: TQ83166786
  • x=583160
  • y=167860
  • 51°22'49"N; 0°37'55"E
  • Civil Parish: Upchurch, Kent

Clinker manufacture operational: 1882-11/2/1914

Approximate total clinker production: 590,000 tonnes

Raw materials:


  • 1882-1887 Burge and Barron
  • 1887-1900 F. C. Barron and Co. Ltd
  • 1900-1911 Barrons Cement Co. Ltd
  • 1911-1915 BPCM (Blue Circle)

Also called Barrons Works. The plant started with seven chamber kilns (150 t/week). In 1889, two more were added to this block and another block of six (total 230 t/week) was added. In 1898 a third block of nine was added, and another was added to the second block (total 220 t/week) in 1898. This gave Davis’ 1907 capacity of 600 t/week . The plant used a tramway to bring chalk down from the quarry, but apart from this all transport was by water from its quay on Otterham Creek. Its closure followed new capacity installation on the Medway plants: there were insufficient chalk reserves to justify up-rating at this location. The site was cleared and is now a recycling depot, with the wharf still in use. Various foundations are still visible. The quarry is still waste land.

No rotary kilns were installed.

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