• Grid reference: ST31434106
  • x=331430
  • y=141060
  • 51°9'53"N; 2°58'50"W
  • Civil Parish: Puriton, Somerset

Clinker manufacture operational: 1871-1941

Approximate total clinker production: 830,000 tonnes

Raw materials: Blue Lias Limestone (Blue Lias Formation: 190-200 Ma) from 332300,141200

Ownership: John Board and Co.

The plant had made Blue Lias lime and Roman Cement from 1844. An initial five dry process bottle kilns installed by W S Akerman in 1871 had expanded to 11 by 1907, with output 330 t/week. Subsequent expansion was at the Spinx plant. The product of both plants did not necessarily meet the definition of Portland cement, and there was never any question of use of any but the most primitive equipment. Both plants continued using bottle kilns for cement manufacture until they were shut down in WWII. The plant used both the railway and the River Parrett for transportation. After closure, the site continued making precast concrete with many of the kilns still in place, until the site was cleared for the construction of the M5 in the early 1970s. Some foundations are still visible at the east end of the site.

No rotary kilns were installed.

Sources: Francis, pp 73, 178: Jackson, p 273.