• Grid reference: TM25273169
  • x=625270
  • y=231690
  • 51°56'17"N; 1°16'38"E
  • Civil Parish: Dovercourt, Essex

Clinker manufacture operational: 1867-1906

Approximate total clinker production: 500,000 tonnes

Raw materials: Chalk and Alluvium from the Medway

Ownership: J. Pattrick and Sons Ltd

The plant, which had previously made Roman Cement using the large deposits of septaria around Harwich, commenced Portland cement manufacture around 1867. There were several others around the East Anglian coast in the pre-1895 period. By 1881 it had 14 bottle kilns and slurry backs, and this remained the complement until closure. Not all these were used for Portland cement, and the capacity might be estimated at 390 t/week. The plant primarily used water transport, with its own wharf on the Stour estuary, although, placed adjacent to Dovercourt station, it could also use the Great Eastern railway. Part of the site is now under housing, but most of it is still waste land, and some foundations are identifiable.

No rotary kilns were installed.

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