• Grid reference: TQ71926711
  • x=571920
  • y=167110
  • 51°22'37"N; 0°28'13"E
  • Civil Parish: Cuxton, Kent.

Clinker manufacture operational: 1883-1902

Approximate total clinker production: 78,000 tonnes

Raw materials:


  • 1883-1885 E. Robson Cummins
  • 1885-1891 Medway Portland Cement Co. Ltd
  • 1895-1900 Booth and Co. Ltd
  • 1900-1902 APCM (Blue Circle)

Also called Medway Works, but not to be confused with the nearby Weekes plant, which was also sometimes called Medway. The history of this plant is somewhat confused, since all the written sources say that it ceased operation in 1891. The plant was set up on what was originally a brickworks site and a block of six Johnson chamber kilns (180 t/week) was installed. The company went bankrupt in 1891. The quarry continued in use as shown by the OS maps, with chalk extracted sufficient for 27,000 tonnes of clinker in 1883-1891, and for 48,000 tonnes in 1896-1909. It seems that the abandoned plant was reinstated by Booth & Co, and was operated until shortly after the APCM takeover. The plant was also used a shipping point for the Borstal Court plant, since, unlike the latter, it had a rail link, so material ferried over the river could be shipped without passing Rochester Bridge. The plant was cleared before WWI, and Blue Circle landfilled the quarry in the 1970s.

No rotary kilns were installed.

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