Crown Quay


  • Grid reference: TQ91036417
  • x=591030
  • y=164170
  • 51°20'40"N; 0°44'35"E
  • Civil Parish: Sittingbourne, Kent

Clinker manufacture operational: 1880-1899

Approximate total clinker production: 60,000 tonnes

Raw materials:

  • Upper Chalk of unknown origin, probably commercial supplies from the Gillingham area or from the Medway Valley.
  • Medway and Swale Alluvial Clay


  • 1827-1865 John Huggens
  • 1880-1899 Rosher's Crown Quay Co.

Also known as Huggens Works and Sittingbourne Works (but not to be confused with Smeed & Dean's plant). This was an early Roman Cement producing site, commencing around 1827 with dredged septaria from the Swale. It ceased making cement 1865-1880, after which Portland cement manufacture began, using wet process. When the plant closed there were seven bottle kilns of which perhaps five were used for Portland cement, making 130 t/week. The plant used only water transport throughout its life. The plant was shut down in 1899, and remained for many years in a ruinous state. It was finally redeveloped in the 1990s. The site is now under light industry.

No rotary kilns were installed.

Sources: shown on all maps, but in Eve not mentioned: Francis, p 64 (only in the context of Roman cement): Jackson not mentioned.

The information on this plant is slight: please contact me with any relevant information or corrections.