Cement Kilns

Crown (Northfleet)


  • Grid reference: TQ62357468
  • x=562350
  • y=174680
  • 51°26'52"N; 0°20'11"E
  • Civil Parish: Northfleet, Kent

Clinker manufacture operational: 1879-1902

Approximate total clinker production: 240,000 tonnes

Raw materials:


Also called Lawrence & Wimble’s. The plant started with two bottle kilns, expanded to five around 1883 and to eight around 1887. In 1888, six chamber kilns were installed, and a further three around 1891. The bottle kilns were out of use by 1900. Output around 230 t/week. There was no rail link, all product being shipped by barge. The site much later was redeveloped as part of Northfleet plant: the slurry storage tanks largely covered the site.

No rotary kilns were installed. There is little detailed contemporary information available regarding this plant. Please contact me with any relevant information or corrections. I am particularly interested in firmer dates and statistics, pictures and plans.

Sources: Eve, p 18: Francis, p 167

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Approximate capacity: tonnes per year
Crown (Northfleet) clinker capacity